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I was born in Russia, was working as an attorney, however my soul always belongs to the world of art.

I created unique clothes for myself, for my family and friends. I painted beautiful pictures of nature.

My favorite always was a painting of the flowers. I pay close attention to the beauty of flowers, its structure, smell, form. I gain my inspiration from the nature spending time outside in the botanic gardens, lakes, forests, sky …

For my birthday I received a set of wool for picture…..  and Idea to create unique products was born when I began use it.

However, I did not follow the instructions and decide to create my own thing. It was a first brooche… 

This process has carried me away. I began to study different ways of felting and it became my fascinating hobby.

When I take a soft and gentle piece of wool, my hands create products that can fit  individuality and originality of every woman.   

Fashion accessories will be a perfect gift for any holiday. 

Jan 14, 20200 min
Making cuffs first steps

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Tatiana Steele

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